“To ensure traceability and accountability at all times, we found it imperative to use a world-class product management tracing system such as ViTrax. Plus, having the assurance that our day-to-day records are above-standard gives us peace-of-mind.”

Willa Gibson, owner of Sterkwater Boerdery

“The beauty of ViTrax is that it works backwards. In addition, the management reports are so comprehensive that I never need to go into the system anymore to extract data. But best of all is the system’s user-friendliness and the superb backup from the Farsoft team.”

Rentia Visser, managing director of Citri Fruit Packing

“ViTrax works extremely well in terms of traceability, as well as providing consignment and orchard information. Furthermore, Farsoft’s service is excellent.”

Cornel Maré, Proplum manager

“Whenever we phone through, Farsoft sorts out our problem within ten minutes. I haven’t ever received this level of service from any support centre.”

Sunette Lategan, of Maluti Fruit Co-operative

“Every day we can keep track of the number of cartons packed on every packing line per cultivar, plus up-to-the-minute information on the weight of grapes cut in a day. Not only has productivity increased tremendously, but management information has become infinitely more pertinent. Added to this has been the outstanding support from Farsoft.”

Jaycey Fölscher, Keboes Fruit Farms general manager

“We’ve built a strong relationship with Farsoft over the years and to this day, the ViTrax program fulfills vital functions in the business.”

Babsie Karsten, of Karsten Farms

“Spot-numbering in the cold store has aided pallet identification and stock rotation greatly – absolutely essential in our business. FarSoft has high service levels and adaptability. The team keeps abreast of our fast-changing operations and facilitating ease-of-use is never too much trouble.”

Justin Mudge, pack house manager of Chiltern Farms

“The greatest benefit from the ViTrax system has been the extraction of information, which we can then manipulate according to our needs. This is a management tool of the highest degree. And from an operations point of view, ViTrax makes things happen.

Of great importance to us has been the system’s invoicing capabilities. It took us away from Excel and the accompanying huge spreadsheets. We can now invoice cartons to customers and that same data is used to pay our growers. The time saved is significant.”

Des Mudge, managing director of Chiltern Farms