qlikviewA major challenge for modern businesses is transforming the array of separate data silos into usable information. Qlikview is a business intelligence (BI) software application that uses business data originating from various applications, presenting it as information in the most graphic and user-friendly fashion.

This new add-on service has taken off beyond expectations. We use Qlikview, a BI system, to extract information from not only ViTrax, but also our clients’ other information systems such as payroll, farm management, irrigation, financial, etc to provide a bird’s eye view of his business. Combined information presented in a useful, sensible manner is the ultimate management tool.

To effectively manage and analyse data at pallet ID and pallet sequence level, including seasonal comparatives, is quite a task. Qlikview drills down to a pallet ID level from any high level grouping. For instance, a consignee has a problem in a particular container consignment. We can select all vessels for that consignee, then select the relevant container. We can then obtain a list of all pallet IDs in that container, as well as the supplier/PUC. In-memory analysis and reporting provide this powerful ‘drill down’ ability as one of many tools.

A further tough test is combining information from more than one operational system to produce accurate and timely dashboards and scorecards measuring key indicators crucial to an organisation’s success. Often we’d want to combine fruit logistics and financial information. This presents a challenge to most analysis tools. In-memory analysis and reporting again provide a suitable solution.”

Qlikview is the world leader in in-memory analysis and reporting, offering:

  • Fast implementation – customers are live within 30 and most within seven days
  • Easy-to-use – end users require two hours’ training
  • Powerful – near instant response times on huge data volumes
  • Flexible – unlimited ways of analysing data, which can be modified in seconds
  • Integrated – dashboards, analysis and reporting are all in one data model
  • Risk-free – a seeing is believing experience