An integrated information system, ViTrax is designed to follow fresh produce from delivery to a pack house throughout the packing process – up to receipt of final payments for the shipped produce. Modular in design, the system comprises the following fully integrated, but optional stand-alone modules:

  • ViTrax Carton and Pallet Labelling – to international standards
  • ViTrax Bin Tracking – unpackaged product
  • ViTrax Pallet Tracking – packaged product
  • ViTrax Carton Scanning – real-time packing information
  • ViTrax QC – for capturing and monitoring product quality
  • ViTrax Central – an automatic real-time database for monitoring a range of pack houses at a central office
  • ViTrax Money – the financial module to capture and manage consignment, hawker and market sales, as well as grower credits and payouts, packing material inventory, contract packing auto invoicing, pooling, etc. Included is a general ledger facility and robust audit trail.


Standard features include:

  • Automatic electronic interface to marketers and exporters
  • Open design for easy data access by third-party software (eg Excel and Qlikview plus interfaces with Pastel, Accpac, Exact, etc.)
  • Automatic email and SMS alerts (with your own triggers)
  • Proven and practical production batch workflow, including repacks
  • Automatic production pack-out reports
  • Radio frequency scanning
  • Unlimited reporting abilities – you want it, we make it
  • Robust data validation and verification techniques


Of particular interest is a ViTrax feature that keeps track of packing material. By identifying variety, fruit specs, packing combination and deducting this from the packing material stock levels, the system enables a pack house to order further stock well before running short.

With Radio Frequency Scanning floor staff uses palmtop scanners to capture pallet or bin information, which is immediately written to the main computer’s database. As RF scanning takes care of the groundwork, ViTrax operators can focus on a higher level of information-related work and even play a coordinating role. Shifting data capture responsibilities to operational level brings the information flow closer to pack house activities. RF scanning drastically narrows down the time frame between production and accessing product information.

Coupled with ViTrax’s SQL database functionality, RF scanning possibilities range from wireless pack house activity monitoring to achieving platform independence through web integration and remotely managing multiple sites.

Farsoft is intent on adapting ViTrax continually to suit evolving fresh produce packing requirements and ever-changing technology.

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fruitinfoSmaller pack house operations can make use of this lean and easy-to-use web-based system. With FruitInfo, a pack house owner can call Farsoft just before he starts packing and he could be up and running in minutes, using his web browser to log in to the FruitInfo website. No installation. No on-site setting up and very little training (if any).

The core reason for the program being much cheaper is that the system license fees are negligible.