Our CompanyEstablished on 1 September 1996, Farsoft initially offered software for municipal systems, the fruit industry and other business packages. The company has since evolved and today we focus on the fresh and dried produce pack house industries, with particular emphasis on global fruit exporting.

Based in Wellington in the Western Cape, Farsoft operates throughout Southern Africa and has decades of experience and exposure in the fresh produce industry. Our innovative information systems are low-risk and –cost, open, flexible and manageable, with high support levels. Integrating with third party systems, our solutions ensure pack houses that run like clockwork.

In developing software and systems, Farsoft embraces the principles of agile software development methodologies, especially Extreme Programming (XP) and Rapid Application Development (RAD). Although we have generic solutions, client-specific software is developed from scratch to satisfy individual needs.

After implementing a solution, we provide on-going support, ensuring that all client requirements are met. FarSoft has a business model that dictates continual close contact with clients. Working pro-actively, we identify a problem or requirement before the client does.