Another five-star installation

FarSoft's ViTrax at Hoekstra ColdstoreIn it for the journey paved in benefits, Hoekstra Fruit Farms has walked the road with FarSoft’s ViTrax since 2016. Thus it was all the more pleasing when Hoekstra Coldstore also chose to embark on the ViTrax passage in 2021.

And Alida Pople, who’s a member of Hoekstra Coldstore’s finance and admin management team, was quick to give the recent installation of the ViTrax Pallet Tracking and Money modules a top rating. “After the FarSoft team fitted the stock movement module as well, we now have exactly what we need. Of note though is the fact that these modules have enriched our operations tremendously.”

FarSoft’s Divan Louwrens, who shyly admitted to being quite the ViTrax coldstore boffin, said Hoekstra needed the system to capture all their data for pallet transfers from various farms. “On the system, these are then imported via ViTrax to the coldstore. And after 24 hours, the pallets are consigned to various destinations.”

While Divan did the installation, Daniël Roux assisted with support.

Although Hoekstra Coldstore was founded way back when in 1996 as Noord-Agter Paarl Koelkamers, the Hoekstra group rebranded it in 2016 to Hoekstra Coldstore. Hoekstra Fruit Farms, Hoekstra Fruit Exporters and Hoekstra Coldstore all work together symbiotically to deliver the highest quality grapes, plums, pomegranates, citrus and sweet potatoes to clients throughout South Africa and the world.

CAPTION: FarSoft’s Gerhard Nel, Hoekstra’s Alida Pople, plus FarSoft’s Divan Louwrens and Daniël Roux.