Introducing the flagship ViTrax Central

As the first FarSoft client to go live with the flagship ViTrax Central supply chain software, Sonlia Marketing gave the thumbs up for its significant added value. “It integrates seamlessly with our ViTrax packhouse system and life has just become a whole lot easier,” said financial manager Jacques Aldrich.

Development on this complementary system started in August 2020 and by February this year it went live. FarSoft’s Gerhard Nel explained that it was designed to run a centralised marketing and logistics office, helping marketers to sell their pallets. “From bookings with shipping lines, pallet stock tracking and allocating costs to paying producers and all financial components, the system does it all.

“Particularly pleasing was all the input and cooperation we received from the Sonlia Marketing team for this export system. Sonlia Fruit Packers has been a client since 2007, so we were delighted to welcome Sonlia Marketing on board last year.”

From the Sonlia Marketing side, CEO JC Muller confirmed his satisfaction with ViTrax Central. And being at the helm of the system, Jacques Aldrich said they particularly enjoyed the visibility factor. “We’re able to view the packhouse information in real time. However, not only that, but we can track the fruit all the way to the coldstore.”

The 22-year-old Wellington-based Sonlia Fruit Packers handles stonefruit, pomegranates and citrus. It’s actually Africa’s largest pomegranate packer. Meanwhile, Sonlia Marketing, a division of Colors Fruit South Africa, was established about three years ago to market the fast-growing Sonlia brand.

CAPTION: Sonlia Marketing’s JC Muller and FarSoft’s Freddie Roux.