Kudos for Android QC app

Although it’s early days, Karsten management accountant Ean Holland-Muter loves the way the recently-developed ViTrax Android Mobile QC system works at Mosplaas Citrus. “It’s very stable and integrates well with our packaging system. So, thank goodness, it’s no longer necessary to manage and set up multiple systems.”

With citrus trees occupying roughly 400 ha of virgin soil, the Karsten Group-owned Mosplaas Citrus is one of the largest citrus-growing entities in the Northern Cape.

Move to Android

FarSoft project manager Mariska Cubitt confirmed that the ViTrax desktop QC system had been running for some time on Windows tablets. “But this past year we’ve put in a lot of time and effort moving it over to Android.”

Light and with good looks to boot, the app is user-friendly to the core. All setups are done and maintained in one place: ViTrax. Mariska said, “A big plus is that with little effort, clients using ViTrax QC can combine or move over to ViTrax Mobile QC.”

She explained that Mosplaas also made use of CMS integration with Appsource, enabling it to scan a barcode from the box-end labels. “Then, when doing the actual QC test, it’ll populate all necessary details on the QC category screen. The operator doesn’t have to choose any fields, thus saving valuable time and preventing errors.”

ViTrax Mobile QC presents options such as doing quality control in the fields, vineyards or orchards, with data then being available immediately in the packhouse for strategic decision-making.

Feedback from Mosplaas

Ean was happy that Mosplaas’s users took to the application and its operation like fish take to water. “Best of all, the support team has been excellent – providing fast feedback and solutions. And I must say, the one-on-one training and FarSoft’s visit helped us tremendously.

“We’re also delighted to work with people such as Mariska, Darrell and Gerhard. They have such enthusiasm and passion for their work and the industry! It definitely seems we’re on the right road here.”

Mariska was equally complimentary about Ean, Francois Reyneke and the team. “They take a system and run with it. Throughout the journey they were very positive and open to learning. Besides this, seeing the app in action and the value it adds are the icing on top.

“We’re super-excited about the new app and looking forward to expanding the functionality.”