Worthy winner

1a Worthy winner1Passionate about improving packhouse systems and processes to facilitate each ViTrax user’s work at Fruitways, Norman Lawton – the company’s business analyst for group services – won the title of 2018 ViTrax Power User hands down.

“During the past year, Norman was instrumental in significant projects we developed for Fruitways, both during the design/specification and roll-out/training phases,” said FarSoft director Gerhard Nel. “Despite his intense workload, he remains cool, calm, friendly and professional.” Fruitways CEO Hein Keulder thoroughly approved, “Norman is a star!”

Since 2006 FarSoft has honoured an exceptional ViTrax user who adds value to the industry with the Power User Award.

Norman was decidedly modest about the accolade. “I appreciate FarSoft’s effort in making the award ceremony memorable and am thankful that Fruitways allowed me to get involved in packing system and process improvements.

“The group has placed considerable emphasis on packing operations over the last few years, so although I don’t manage the system, as BA my focus has been on ViTrax and its processes.”

Norman had much praise for the industry experience that goes into ViTrax. “There are many systems that profess to be the latest and greatest, but they’re shallow in detail. The depth of ViTrax makes it stand head and shoulders above the rest. Freddie and Gerhard’s wealth of fruit packing industry knowledge clearly manifests in the system. All packing angles are covered to the necessary level of detail. And by continuously staying abreast of industry standards, they keep the system relevant.”

He was effusive in his praise of FarSoft’s service ethic, “From the leadership down to support, every team member is always willing and honest – an example for IT vendors the world over.”

CAPTION: Enjoying the award ceremony are Fruitways CEO Hein Keulder, ViTrax Power User and Fruitways business analyst for group services Norman Lawton, plus FarSoft directors Freddie Roux and Gerhard Nel.