Going places

1b Going places2“I must say that the recent integration of the MAF RODA pre-sorter with the ViTrax Pallet and Bin Tracking module at our packhouse has been extremely successful,” said Ernst Rix, Bamco Pack House’s manager.

Work at Bamco started early in 2017 when the ViTrax Bin Tracking module was installed in the Cold Rooms, according to FarSoft’s Mariska Cubitt. “Towards the end of last year, we installed the Pallet and Bin Tracking module in the newly-completed packhouse, integrating it with the MAF RODA pre-sorter. It’s been a delight working with the Bamco team in this high-end packhouse. We’d happily walk a long, long way with this company.”

Having finished packing the fresh apples and still busy packing controlled atmosphere apples until January, Rix said that packing had been an absolute pleasure after the integration.

Bamco was established in 2007 in the fertile Ceres Valley by three deciduous fruit growers from the Koue Bokkeveld: Bronaar Farms, Donkerbos Estate and Môrester Estate with Corefruit handling the marketing. Due to continued growth in the fruit industry and limited packing infrastructure in the Ceres Valley, the partners built a deciduous fruit packhouse between Prince Alfred Hamlet and Ceres. Construction started in November 2016 and phase 1 of the pack house was operational for this year’s harvest with a capacity of handling 90 000 bins annually.