A decade of QC

FarSoft recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of its ViTrax QC module going live at Chiltern Farms, Vyeboom. A valued client for 19 years, Chiltern started collaborating with FarSoft in 2008 to develop the QC module.

Since the first pallet tracking installation in 1999, the 30 000-bin packhouse has evolved its system to include bin tracking, packing material tracking, invoicing, payment to growers, RF scanning, carton scanning and QC. Years ago, former managing director Des Mudge commented, “The greatest benefit from the system has been the extraction of information, which we can then manipulate according to our needs. This is a management tool of the highest degree. And from an operations point of view, ViTrax makes things happen.”

On celebrating a decade of the QC module at Chiltern, quality control manager Sumé Olivier said that it had made life in the packhouse infinitely easier. “Information is available instantly and from this we can produce graphs or extract relevant data at the drop of a hat. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with FarSoft and Gerhard all these years.”

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