Gerhard Nel, Farsoft’s business manager received a diploma for the Management Development Programme at the University of Stellenbosch on 8 December 2016.

Said Farsoft MD Freddie Roux, “Our clients want direct access to clued-up people who not only know ViTrax and related business systems inside out, but also know how each client operates and what their business priorities are. It’s to this end that the Farsoft culture of developing and investing in its staff is a critical part of our vision. We will not hide our heroes behind a call centre, but will invest in them, then stay out of their way and set them free to do their magic and delight our clients.

“Gerhard has been with Farsoft for almost 15 years now and has recently stepped away from software development to take on the role of business manager. He directs major projects and operations from his desk daily.”

CAPTION: Gerhard Nel and Frik Landman, CEO of USB Executive Development.