Taking the business forward

1a Confessions of an entrepreneur2 28251889_mlAt Farsoft, people capital isn’t seen as unwanted overheads, but as an intrinsic part of its operations and success. After all, it’s people, not kit, that really make the difference. The company’s team bring fresh thinking into the business and look at different approaches to existing processes – essentially, they take the business forward.

Business manager Gerhard Nel regards Farsoft as his “older brother”. He said, “For the past 14 years, FarSoft has provided me with a platform and the freedom to build and grow my own personal brand.” Candice Martin has been the first line of contact at the company for seven years and loves the fact that Farsoft is her family. Client service manager Hanneke Alberts values having been part of this journey. “The biggest plus is that our contributions are considered important. So, I feel part of the success story.”

Project manager Mariska Cubitt sets great store by the fact that the Farsoft culture allows one the space to grow. And according to business analyst Magda Coetzee, Freddie still has the same passion that he had when he founded Farsoft. “It becomes contagious.”

The rest of the team – software developer Divan Lourens, technical specialist Ben Louw, product specialist Darrell Cloete, senior support specialist Selwin Matthyse and software developer Danie Marais – all agree that Farsoft is one of the best companies to work for.

These comments are simply a snapshot of the employee experience. Farsoft stands tall in providing an outstanding work environment and a solid company culture.