QC tablet pioneers

With the ViTrax QC product line celebrating eight successful years, Farsoft embarked on modifying it for use on tablet devices last year. Oast Farm was the first site where the QC tablets were rolled out and its packhouse team was integral in helping to develop, modify and test the features.

Farsoft development manager Gerhard Nel explained that the ViTrax QC tablet allowed greater flexibility in the packhouse, because the QC testing personnel were no longer bound to doing quality control samples at a fixed workstation in an office. “They can move around in the packhouse with the tablet device and log quality control tests and checks closer to the product packing points.”

Oast Farm packhouse administrator Christine Koegelenberg said, “At the end of the 2014 season, with the help of the Farsoft QC team, we developed the basic ViTrax QC program into a system specifically programmed to meet all our client requirements. However, as a big ViTrax fan, I realised we still lacked in the mobile QC department – so, I was very excited to participate in modifying the QC module for use on tablet devices. Now, 18 months later, I can’t even imagine being without this mobile facility.”

Oast Farm chief Larry Whitfield said it was fantastic getting real-time information on the move. “With real information in and out, the ViTrax QC tablets provide our quality control operators with much more interest in what they’re doing. Having started the race with Farsoft way back when, we’re in it for the long haul with this amazing company.”

Christine outlined the major benefits of the user-friendly QC tablet as:

  • The detailed breakdown of fruit quality with supporting photos
  • Real-time information allows management to act pro-actively and monitor the work of QC staff
  • Mass information (and its availability in excellent reports) facilitates informed decisions on the production side
  • Professional management reports in Qlikview can be sent at the touch of a button



The Oast Farm QC team: Koos Koopman, Frederico Daniels and Hendrik Marthinus

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