Smooth operations

Installing ViTrax at the newly built Bella Frutta packhouse late last year proved quite a challenge, but according to Farsoft development manager Gerhard Nel, all went well and the system is running smoothly. This was corroborated by Bella Frutta general manager Hendrik Claassen.

He said, “Initially we installed three ViTrax modules in October: Pallet Tracking, Bin Tracking and Carton Scanning. By 3 November the first intake was done, followed by the first consignment on 5 November. The last module to be installed was ViTrax Money.”

Bella Frutta, situated at 7 Boerneef Street in Ceres, is a packhouse solely dedicated to packing apples and pears for exporter Core Fruit, one of the packhouse’s shareholders. Claassen explained, “We pack throughout the year, so even with the produce in cold stores, we use ViTrax to determine exactly what’s in stock.”

Farsoft systems supporter Mariska Cubitt said that everyone at Bella Frutta – from the top down – was an absolute pleasure to work with.



Farsoft’s Gerhard Nel and Bella Frutta GM Hendrik Claassen.

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