Vital info up to the last second

To provide an automated carton scanning solution for two of DuToit Vrugte’s packhouses, FarSoft and AppSource collaborated by integrating the latter’s production execution solution with the Drop Table module in Farsoft’s ViTrax system.

According to Appsource managing director André Swart, the Appsource solution provides a layer between ViTrax and the deployed equipment (printers, scanners, tablets), thereby simplifying the acquisition of production information and generating box end-labels.

Swart explained, “The net result has been a solution that measures individual and combined packer productivity while a host of production-related information can be derived from the information generated in real-time.”

The solution provides two methods of capturing carton production information:

  • The first method provides a means of tracking individual packers as they produce cartons – even if they move between stations. This option generates box end-labels on the conveyor as the carton makes its way to the pallet stations.
  • In the second method, packer production can be monitored at the tray of bag filling stations. The system keeps track of all packers at the filling station and produces the box end-label right there at the station while allocating a fraction of the produced carton to each team member.

“Together, the two methods are allowing DuToit to have a total view of carton production, enabling them to make key decisions based on accurate information that’s up to date up to the last second,” Swart said.

Farsoft development manager Gerhard Nel summarised the benefits:

  • There’s no need for pre-printed labels – thus reducing pre-printed label wastage significantly, in addition to being less labour-intensive
  • Improved and real-time worker and packhouse productivity figures
  • Packing and label specifications can be changed in real-time on-the-fly for each packing station



Farsoft’s Gerhard Nel, Ernst du Toit of DuToit Vrugte and AppSource’s Andre Swart.

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