Integration relieves packhouse headache

2a-Integration-relieves-packhouse-headache1Not only has the integration of ViTrax with pre-sorting sizers meant far fewer man hours for packhouses, but the live data is more accurate and has enabled quicker and more informed decisions.

Discussing the project, Farsoft development manager Gerhard Nel explained that development started in 2013 and to date several clients have opted to go this route. “Typically, packhouses require staff members to sift through data and capture the sizer information manually. Apart from being extremely labour-intensive, it’s a laborious task … and mistakes may occur. When ViTrax pulls the information in from the sizer, it’s fast, accurate and up-to-date.

“So far, we’ve integrated the MAF RODA and Greefa sizers with ViTrax, but we can in effect integrate any pre-sorting sizers on the market. Integration for each packhouse is client-specific as opposed to a one-size-fits-all situation.”

Several prominent packhouses are already up and running on the integrated system and another client is due to go live in the near future.