Titanic achievement

Together with the PPECB and Novo Packhouse, Farsoft formed part of the groundbreaking team which achieved a major milestone for Project Titan in May. The group successfully tested integration between a packhouse system (ViTrax in this instance) and the tablet.

The test included:
– generation of inspection data by the pack house system as per the specified file layout
– import of the inspection data into the tablet application
– validation of the data imported vs inspection booking
– capturing inspection results using the pack house data as source data
– generation of inspection result data by the tablet
– import of inspection result by the pack house system
– generation of consignment note data by the pack house system

Although minor issues were identified during the test, the relevant vendors resolved these on-site. Based on the success of the project in May, PPECB inspectors have started using the new method and it’s been running live at Novo for the past few months.

All fruit industry software vendors need to supply information to PPECB TITAN. Freddie Roux, Gerhard Nel and Darrell Cloete from FarSoft were in the team which developed and rolled out the new features required by packhouse clients to communicate with PPECB TITAN.

Project Titan seeks to eliminate all manual processes during inspections and will allow for export certification to be performed electronically. Speed of functionality is its greatest benefit. Deciduous fruit producers have been the first industry sector to benefit from Project Titan’s implementation. As such, the PPECB has asked users to ensure that their systems meet the project’s requirements timeously.