On the road of self-discovery

Nicky Terblanche

Nicky Terblanche

Because Farsoft cares about its people and realises that without the people there’s no Farsoft, the company makes a point of organising annual staff enrichment activities. This year it embarked on a business coaching process to understand who they are and how to serve clients even better so as to continue being industry winners.

Nicky Terblanche of Flipside (www.flipside.co.za) was appointed to facilitate this group process. Terblanche explained, “I use Systems Thinking as paradigm to create awareness in the individual of the bigger picture beyond his specific role: the team, company, industry, even the world economy. This perspective helps each person to decide what they can influence and what not, plus how their actions affect those around them.”

He said the ultimate benefit of this intervention was to allow each person to be more aware of their strengths, development areas, personality types and how this influences the team. “Then to look outwards and form a better understanding of who their clients are, their specific needs and to adapt behaviour accordingly.”

Farsoft client manager Stefan Strydom said he’d learned invaluable lessons from the coaching: treat people fairly, don’t try to fix people and that people buy into the leader before buying into the vision.