Relationship management sets ViTrax apart

Know-how-2The ten-year-old ViTrax packhouse information system is in a league of its own when it comes to service delivery.

According to FarSoft Information Systems chief Freddie Roux , packhouse relationship service is a vital component in the successful management of an information system. “Not only are we on the spot or at the other end of the telephone when required by the packhouses, but we also spend much time at exporting agents establishing the latest requirements. Furthermore, our system has evolved mostly based on client feedback.”

According to Roux, FarSoft has a business model that dictates close contact with clients continually. “We try to work pro-actively, identifying a problem or requirement before the client does.

“Although we work hard on building generic solutions, we don’t overlook the fact that each and every client has individual needs.”

Of particular interest is a ViTrax feature of keeping track of packing material. Roux explained, “By identifying variety, fruit specs, packing combination and deducting this from the packing material stock levels, the system enables a packhouse to order further stock well before running short.”

Intent on superior technology and a partnership with clients, FarSoft will continue to adapt ViTrax to suit evolving fruit packing requirements.

ViTrax is an integrated information system designed to follow fresh produce from delivery to a packhouse throughout the packing process – up to the receipt of final payments for the shipped produce.

The modular system has the following fully integrated, but stand-alone optional modules:

  • Grape packing
  • Pallet tracking
  • Bin tracking
  • Production reporting
  • Central
  • Line scanning
  • Money