RF scanning offers exciting possibilities

RF-Scanning-1Three new installations of Radio Frequency Scanning have been completed by FarSoft IT recently. This is undoubtedly the future of information technology in terms of data capturing.

Before the arrival of RF scanning, ViTrax operators had to wait for handwritten documentation to be made available. Then only could they capture data and perform their information-related duties. Now floor staff uses palmtop scanners to capture pallet information, which is immediately written to the database on the main computer. As RF scanning takes care of the groundwork, ViTrax operators can focus on a higher level of information-related work and even play a co-ordinating role.

“Shifting data capturing responsibilities to operational level brings the (now more dynamic) information flow closer to packhouse activities. RF scanning drastically narrows down the time frame between production and having product information available,” FarSoft managing director Freddie Roux commented.

Coupled with ViTrax’s SQL database functionality, RF scanning lays the foundation for exciting possibilities. This may range from wireless monitoring of packhouse activity to achieving platform independence through web integration and remotely managing multiple sites.

RF-Scanning-2Shaughn Rousseau – support engineer at Symbol Technologies Africa Inc, the suppliers of Farsoft’s high quality RF scanning equipment – had a few comments. “RF scanning is widely used throughout South Africa . Retailers have found value in real time information availability and stock queries. Many of them use RF scanning in their distribution centres for stock location tracking and order picking. Similarly, the fruit industry has found enormous value in this technology.”

As the global need for effective ways to manage information grows, Farsoft looks forward to implementing RF scanning for more clients. If you wish to find out more about this dynamic concept in IT, contact Freddie Roux for an appointment.