Even more functionality

1b-Even-more-functionality_16839325For some time now, Farsoft has been working on building the foundations of automated messaging into ViTrax. Said managing director Freddie Roux, “Without getting too technical, it basically means ViTrax sends a signal to our support desk directly from a client’s system telling us that something may have gone wrong, or that the operators may need assistance.

“So, almost on a daily basis we phone an operator and inform him/her for instance that a file destined for an exporter can’t go out because of invalid information that has been captured. Our clients have been amazed by this functionality, because essentially we tell and help them with a problem long before they realise something is amiss.”

Oast Farm’s Christine Koegelenberg found it an excellent addition to ViTrax. “It really helps us enormously to be notified about problems and/or mistakes before these actually happen.” And Janéne Meiring of Môreson Trust was also full of praise for the automated messaging facility, “We find it a wonderful addition. In many instances, it’s a life saver!”