Tough act

With the tough responsibility of ViTrax development and project manager, Farsoft’s Gerhard Nel knows the program inside out. But despite this formidable workload, those who know him say he has a calming effect on everyone around him. “Plus, he has a well-balanced and mature personality,” said Farsoft chief Freddie Roux.

Having notched up more than eight years of service with the company, Gerhard views Farsoft as “his older brother” in a way – “we’ve grown up together”.

With a diploma in software engineering, what he enjoys most in his job is working and designing software solutions with some of the most interesting and dynamic people in the industry on a daily basis. Asked what aspect he found the most challenging, he replied, “With the high standards demanded by our clients, as well as the ever-changing fruit industry dynamics, adapting and maintaining our software and services, plus keeping abreast of the latest technologies get pretty rough.” He’s an avid poker player in his leisure time and loves extreme activities. He lives with his pet budgie Floyd, which he calls a Bonsai eagle.